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A well prepared meal is the centerpiece of a memorable gathering. We provide a variety of freshly prepared, delicious deli and event platters suitable for special occasions, socials, office lunches, or any group function. We also have customizable sandwich platters with all the options to suit your taste. Browse our Platters + Catering menu below or download it here for a full list of platter packages and customization options.

We make shopping easy and convenient for you – have your order delivered to your door or pick it up at our store.

Although we would love to see the delight on your face when you take those first bites, we are a supply-only vendor and do not provide plate service at events.

How To Order

Give us a call to place an order. Please have your credit card ready to reserve the order. Delivery charges may apply. Please ask when ordering.

Call 1-204-326-6108 ext. 2 to Order >

Deli Platters

Main Bread and Butter deli platters are all freshly prepared to order and are fully customizable. To order simply call our Deli at 204-326-6108 ext. 2. Delivery available.

Faspa Ready to go
(8 People)

Ham Sausage, Kubassa, Cheese, Pickles, Buns, Jam, Dessert (brownies, date squares, cookies). $50

Deli Meat Platter #1
(10 People)

Toupie Ham, Ham Sausage, Salami or Kubassa, Smoked Chicken. $32

Deli Meat Platter #2
(10 People)

Black Forest Ham, Ham Sausage, Smoked or Roasted Turkey, Salami or Kubassa. $39


Cubed Cheese Platter
(Approx 15 People)

A variety of three cheeses. More varieties available if ordering more than one cheese platter. $32

Vegetable Platter
Prepared with fresh vegetables of the day. Includes dip. $30

Fruit Platter
Made with fresh fruit of the day and includes dip (platters vary depending on fruit in season). $30

Sandwich Variety Platter
(10 People)

Made with assorted meats, breads and wraps. Vegetarian and gluten free options available.
Starting at $48.40 (extras not included)

Event Packages

Social Menu 1
Cooked Ham, Garlic Coil, Salami, Cubed Mild Cheese, Dill Pickles, Kub Rye Bread. Approx. $1.55/Person

Social Menu 2
Roast Turkey, Black Forest Ham, Garlic Coil, Salami, Cubed Mild Cheese, Dill Pickles, Kub Rye Bread. Approx. $2.05/Person